E- Democracy


Democracy means all eligible citizens are either directly or indirectly participate the formation of government equally. We pay high attention and continue struggle for achieving the legal equality, freedom and rule of law all the time. As the time past, during the time of Internet technology and electronic information became generally available to individual citizens around the world, people focus more on the virtual world. When we talk about the E- democracy, we add one more word, electronic. The main characteristic of e-democracy is the development of Internet as centered of electronic computer. This blog will discuss more about the positive ad negative influences of e- democracy.

E-democracy improves the citizens’ ability of participating the formation of government and public politics. During the process of Internet utilizing in politic, this new way make citizen’s access to have a direct conversation with government officials and it also add weights on the importance of public opinion.

More specifically, it is convenient and cheap when people participate the election by using the Internet. And Internet can increase citizens’ interest of election. Clay Shirky also gives people an idea of internet influence in politic development. She argues that “ the internet has changed politics and activism because the ability to find like-minded people online and to mobilize networks for friends makes rapid group formation incredibly easy.”( Zuckerman 2013)

Electronic and internet progressing restrains the autarchy and autocracy among citizens controlling. Information cannot be controlled anymore through the Internet. Once crisis happened, the news and details information can be separated everywhere in few minutes results from Internet accessibility.

On the other hands, when we see the Internet is being used for several ways of civic engagement, there are still some of significant problems. Internet information means information public in front of people, and publicity also means more democracy. But we still need to consider the fraudulence which rises from the separately used through the internet. People access to manipulate the data or facts of news which presented to the public citizens. It doesn’t mean that they will make up the data, but more occasionally, people access to avoid the important and dwell on the trivial.

Moreover, increase of using internet in information exchange could lead the status of anarchy. Concentration of information is much more easier than the past. Internet will lead the politic decision making also goes to the way of concentration, thus result the status of anarchy.


Ethan Zuckerman (Dec.6.2013) New Media, New Civics? My Bellwether lecture at the Oxford Internet Institute.

Retrieved from :http://www.ethanzuckerman.com/blog/2013/12/06/new-media-new-civics-my-bellweather-lecture-at-the-oxford-internet-institute/


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